Saturday, January 28, 2012


I don't feel the same way about my body that other (not all) overweight women do. I've never been the kind of woman who hated herself for being fat. I love my body. I feel sexy and lush. I love my curves. I love my breasts. My hips. My bottom. My thighs. I never turn off the lights when I have sex. I spend as much of the day as I can in as little clothing as possible. I own SO MUCH LINGERIE!

It helps that I'm married to a man who has always found me incredibly sexy. I've probably gained close to 100 pounds since we started dating 21 years ago and HE NEVER NOTICED. He seriously never even noticed.

Maybe because he's always like, "Push those boobs back in my face!"

So why am I trying to lose weight? I know you're all clamoring to know!

Health. I'll get into this more in my first real entry.

I'm supposed to be introducing myself here. AHEM!

I'm 40. Married. No children. I think I'm a dink? Double income. No kids. I've been with my husband for 21 years (as of Mar 2).

I've never been thin. Although I was as a teen. I was a regular normal sized teenager but I didn't know it because I was raised by a woman (my mom) whom I love but she was/is an OCD anorexic.

If there ever was a recipe for raising overweight children, that was it. How about 3 overweight children and 1 chubby one. 2 of my siblings and my father have diabetes. 1 of my brothers has had gastric bypass.

So here I am at 40. Changing my entire life. It's scary and wonderful.


  1. I love that you have confidence in yourself. That confidence can carry over into knowing that you're doing this for your health, and afterwards you'll be confident and sexy and healthy!

    Glad you've joined us!

  2. I love that you feel sexy no matter what! I wish I had your confidence.

    I look forward to seeing your changes for the better, and we'll all be there to hold your hand when you need it!

  3. It is so nice to see that you have confidence and feel good about yourself regardless of your weight. I envy that. I have no confidence and definitely do not feel sexy. Good for you!

    I am really glad that you are concerned about your health, though. Really that is what we should all be most concerned with...getting healthy through weight loss. I am glad to be on this journey with you and all of the girls. Good luck!

  4. It's good that you're confident about who you are..! A lot of women find it difficult to find their sexiness..although, regardless of shape, size, etc..every woman is and can be sexy. I guess you just need to 'own yourself.'

    And you've be married for 21 years, and your husband still demands for your boobs to be pushed into his face! You should get an award for that one haha.

    GM x

    1. **Sorry, not married, but together for 21 years :) x

  5. Your confidence level is admirable. I wish I was HALF as confident as you. Health is a great reason to lose weight. I can't wait to read more about you. :)

  6. What a cliff I need to know why you need to lose weight as you sound very comfortable with who you are

  7. Oh wow. I am so impressed and slightly intimidated by your confidence. I love it! I hope to own my curves on day myself.