Friday, May 4, 2012

Addled minds.

Guys, I totally spaced on posting last Friday and I didn't remember until just now. Wow... maybe there is something to this "pregnancy brain" that women keep telling me about. 

So, disregarding the fact that I just threw down on 4 tacos from Taco Bell (2 hard shell, 2 soft shell) and that I'm having homemade stuffing, cream cheese corn, and baked chicken for dinner tonight, I haven't done terribly this week on the food front. 

I feel that I could easily work my way through this. A one girl PAR-TAY!
A lot of that was because I had a cold that pretty much wiped out my appetite the first few days of the week. No worries! I got it back! But I still haven't gained any weight. That's a good thing. Since I'm only supposed to gain 10 to 15 pounds most of that should be in the last weeks of the pregnancy. After all, right now my nugget is merely the size of a lime. That tickles me. A lime! It wasn't so long ago that it was literally a sesame seed!

My nugget.
Also, I went to try on bathing suits the other day. I was not pleased with the results. My mother threw out my old bathing suit that I've used for the past few years because she said she was tired of looking at it. So that means I have to get a new one. I'm a little irked, because that bathing suit was my old reliable. It wasn't much to look at, but it got the job done. Now I'm without a suit, the pool is open, and we're having 90 degree days already. 

I have to get a suit now that I can grow into as the summer progresses. So I figure I need to go a size up at least. When you're already almost to the top of the sizes, there's not too much further you can go. So without spending a FORTUNE at Lane Bryant (which closed in my town, bastards) or going online (just can't trust it without trying on) I'm down to Target and Walmart. Target was a no go. Walmart, I dread. 

Can I just complain for a moment. I know I'm a chunky monkey and all, but all bathing suits for larger women automatically make the assumption that I'm in my 60s or something and apparently we're all in mourning as well, I can't see any other reason they'd all be in shades of black. Bastards. I need to get into bathing suit design. 

If I was a medium I could find an adorable bathing suit for like 20 bucks. AGHH. 

Anyways guys, happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. Pregnant or not... swimsuit shopping sucks for me. UGH. I've just been wearing my old tankini when we've been at hotels/gone swimming at the y... Now that I'm nice and huge, I'm busting out my old bikini that I haven't worn since Eva was in my tummy!