Friday, May 25, 2012

There's no accounting for taste.

But...but.... I love all parts of you...Or I used to.

I'm going to discuss something today, that I totally plan on discussing over on my personal blog as well. The changing of the taste-buds. 


All the food aversions have gone. In it's place is a constant need to shove food into my face hole as fast as possible. One of my personal favorite things to throw in my face hole is meat (boy does that sound kinda filthy). 

I love meat. Throw some chicken or beef or pork at me and I am a happy lady. Not now though. Now my taste has changed and meat tastes off. All that really tastes normal to me is veggies and fruit. I eat a fair amount of these anyways, but... come on man... let me enjoy my meat too... Please?  

It's so strange how taste changes like that. 

So besides meat tasting kinda funky to me now, it hasn't much curbed my appetite. It's like a switch got flipped and my body was like BAM!! LET'S EAT!! That is a challenge to fight with on the daily. Some days I fail-miserably. Some days I resist and overcome the desire- on those days I'm super proud of myself. I only need an extra 300 calories a day for the nugget, so I'm not really supposed to be literally eating for two. 

That's sort of my mantra right now: Not literally for two. Not literally for two. Not literally for two. 
I fight this urge on the daily.


  1. Yes our tastes change as we go through life in my 20's I loved sauage patties and rissoes but not so much more I no longer like fatty greasy food....

    1. Hopefully my affinity for meat with return after the nugget is birthed.

  2. My sister was the same way when she was pregnant. She craved fresh green beans and ate them by the pound!