Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ladies magazines are of the Devil

Not much to report this week. Have been in and out of the ER last week with a child who had swallowed, but has not yet passed, a steel ball bearing.

I did learn something while killing those hours in ER, or at least I confirmed something I already knew ages ago...

Ladies magazines are just the worst.

They appear to be systematically created to make the reader feel like shit about themselves. And people eat it up. While in the ER, I flipped through a copy of Chatelaine (think kind of a Canadian Marie Claire) and I swear to Gord, it seemed every third article was food to help you lose weight, or exercises to help you lose weight, or clothes that will make you look skinnier.  If I didn't have an eating disorder before reading all this drivel, I do now.  Thanks a lot, Chatelaine.

Even articles that were about 'health' had the subtext of "you are probably unhealthy because you are too FAT."  Because we all know, Fat=Unhealthy and everyone's health problems can magically be solved by losing the spare tire, fatass.

Canadian Living was only marginally better.  Theirs had less of an overall emphasis on weight loss, but I still found myself skipping past page after page of diet tips, exercise tips, makeup tips.  In fact, when I went to get that link, the first headline was Can Yoga Help With Weight Loss?

Holy Hannah, people! Is it possible that women may actually have interests beyond how to lose weight?  I know that's what we're all here for on this site, but I know the weight-loss journey doesn't consume my whole life, and I'm willing to bet that all the other ladies here have a life outside of weight loss as well.

So Ladymags, try broadening your horizons a bit.. be a little more accountable to what you're putting out there.

(I was going to put something about how even Cosmo stopped printing dieting tips and of course everyone should hold themselves to a higher standard than Cosmo but when I tried to confirm this by Googling "Did cosmo stop printing diet tips?" I was greeted by a first page of search results consisting of diet tips from Cosmo.  So there's that.)

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