Wednesday, May 9, 2012

UPDATED: A Full Week of Activity

I just recounted over the last week, and somehow I've managed, without too much effort, to exercise every day this week. Which is pretty cool, if you ask me. 

On Friday I went for a long walk around my town, about an hour, hour and a half, I'd say.

Saturday, Guy For Whom I Have Not Come Up With A Good Blog Alias™ and I went on a four hour hike through some of the gorgeous wilderness just to the North of us. Living in Canada, especially in cottage country, is great if you like amazing scenery.

Jealous? You're jealous.
Upon returning that evening, I logged all of the time spent hiking into MyFitnessPal and laughed at the fact that the calories burned (according to their system, which i don't think is totally accurate, but a decent ballpark guess) was more than my total daily allotment for the day. Over 1500 for what was probably about 2.5-3 hours walking, all told. 

Sunday I got up and drove to Mount St. Louis for hill-training for the Warrior Dash.
This is the hill we're supposed to run up.

Me?  I walk.

Given I was sore as hell from the previous day, I still managed to get up the hill twice.

Monday I had kickboxing class, and after that I had my first outdoor boot camp. Now, I've mentioned before that in order for me to stick to something it has to be fun. Kickboxing can be hard as hell, but it's loads of fun. Boot camp...? In spite of my instructors efforts, I did not find it fun.

It felt like work. Just work.

 No, that's not true. It felt like high school gym class.

 Hard and frustrating and beyond my capabilities. I'm going to go back next week and try again. Hopefully it will be better this time.

Tonight I have kickboxing again, and tomorrow night marks my first baseball game of the season. Apparently our league has all new team colours. This excites me more than it should.

So yeah, I've accomplished a whole week of exercise.  Just wanted to share that.

UPDATE:  Holy crap, I missed a whole day in there.  YESTERDAY.  Yesterday my friend Tess and I played 50 minutes of Just Dance 2 as part of our bi-weekly Just Dance date.  The game kept picking out the crappier songs last night.  SO MUCH AIR GUITAR.  I was disappointed that it didn't pick last night to play Body Movin'.  RIP MCA.


  1. Sherry here...

    I am totally impressed by your dedication! I have been home for 2 weeks now and all I have done is sit on my butt and make excuses! Tomorrow...I am going for a long afternoon walk. Perhaps with my parents dog.

    Does Just Dance actually burn a lot of calories? I have never played it and I doubt I can in my apartment back home in Annapolis as our floors are poorly built. :(

  2. Going strictly by what Myfitnesspal says for "Dancing, general" I usually get to mark 200-300 for a 40 minute session. Of course, the accuracy depends on how vigorous you get with it, and what songs you're doing.

  3. Way to go! You are so inspiring, girl. You know how much I admire you, but I just want to tell you again... I ADMIRE YOU SO FREAKING MUCH!

  4. Cardio kickboxing is my absolute fave - and I don't do it anymore. I lost my first 20 pounds doing it two to three times a week. But then I moved, and I found a class I could afford. THEN my life got busy and I could only attend one day a week and it wasn't worth the money for only 4 classes a month. Anyway, my point? It's FUN and it's a killer workout. Burlesque is also a good workout - so if you can find classes for that go for it.

    The key is definitely finding something you enjoy. And it's even better if you can find someone to workout with you. A friend goes with me to trampoline aerobics when we can - another fun workout. Soon I will stop making excuses and start my Cross Fit classes. I'm afraid. I don't like hard and not fun workouts!

    Keep up the great work!

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