Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I Tried Listening To My Body But My Body is a Big Fat Liar.

I hopped on the scale yesterday in spite of my decision to break up with the scale and I was not happy with what I say. I was up 6 lbs (from the 180 which was my lowest since getting back on the wagon). In a span of just two weeks, this was too much.

I know I've been indulging too much.. Stupid Lemon Poppyseed muffins! Curse you Tim Hortons, located so conveniently downstairs from work! But it's the snacking at night again. I try to listen to my body and its hunger signals but my head gets in the way and tells me "Don't listen to her! You ARE hungry! No, no.. Not fruit. You want toast.. And butter and peanut butter. And some cheese. Also cookies."

I can tell I haven't been choosing wisely because I am having a harder time with my workouts which tends to be a side effect of not getting all the nutrients I need.

So I opened up my tracker again yesterday and I guess I'm back to keeping track of everything, especially while I'm in training for the Warrior Dash. I did some hill training last weekend and it nearly killed me. Twice up the road that goes up the side of Mount St. louis (a popular ski hill near my home). I laughably started off running, but that didn't last long.

Next week I'll hopefully finally be starting outdoor boot camp, which actually started three weeks ago but stuff keeps coming up. I'll likely post about that experience next week.

Tootles, y'all.

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