Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Distractions, distractions.

So, I has a little secret.

Okay, not a secret per se, but I'm not one to advertise my personal life (this is where you, the reader, go "wait.. Aren't you a blogger?"). Seriously though, I tend to keep my mouth shut and keyboard quiet when it comes to the love life. But yeah, I've been seeing someone. And it's been good, and continues to be good.  For the sake of considering the privacy of others, I'll leave it at that.

I will, however, say that it's been distracting. Sometimes in a good way. On one hand, I've been absolutely negligent in my tracking and weighing in. Terribly, terribly negligent.. I logged onto my MyFitnessPal account for the first time in about a week this past Monday. My bi-weekly Just Dance dates have been sporadic and I'm pretty sure that's mostly my fault.

However when I weighed in on Monday, I was down 0.8 lbs from my last weigh-in. So that's good. The upside, weight-loss wise, has been less opportunities for boredom eating, especially as I don't tend to snack as much when there are people around.  And more.. Um.. How to put this delicately? More activity.

*whistles nonchalantly*

Where were we?  Right.

I've been told of a phenomenon that sometimes occurs with people in new relationships.. it's called Happy Fat™.  Sometimes caused by an uptick of dinners out, an increase of niceties like wine.. (dear God, the wine..)
In case you haven't picked up on this.
...and a greater sense of not giving a shit because, hell, life is good so let's enjoy it and I'm not going to beat myself up over an extra treat here or there and who am I to turn down this lovely meal that has been made for me? I'm glad that said person in question is aware of my efforts and takes this into consideration when being so considerate.  This may be one of the reasons I have not, thus far, fallen into the Happy Fat™ trap, along with the lack of boredom eating and well.. *koff*

So I'm trying to make a point of tracking as I should and even if I end up saying "Screw it!" by the end of the day, I'll wake up and try again.

For me.


  1. I always tended to eat less when I'm distracted by happiness. So not everyone has to fall prey to happy fat.

    Plus, more activity is good. VERY good. :)

  2. Haha! "More activity". Love that!

    I believe that I have the happy fat. Along with the more sedentary lifestyle that goes along with CRPS, I'm blissfully in love with the husband. Our 2nd anniversary is next month so we're still newlyweds really.

    I'm so happy for you and the mystery person. I promise not to beg you for more details... but it will be hard.

  3. Happy fat *points to self* separated from the hubby within a few months I was down 25 lbs. Back with him I've gained all that and more back. Woot. Happy fat.

  4. "More activity". Hee-hee. Get it!

    I love this post. I want to hug it. No lie.
    It's nice to be happy, cared for and respected. SO nice. Good for you!

  5. When I first start seeing someone, I am a wreck. I worry about looking good for sexy time, and hitting the gym. But I am neurotic. I never allow myself to get comfortable and enjoy anything.

    1. I worry about this a bit.. but at the same time I figure you have to give a guy the benefit of the doubt and assume that he's not totally grossed out by all your perceived flaws.. and if he is grossed out, maybe he's not the one to be having sexytimes with.

  6. Yeah, Happy Fat is definitely something I've experienced...more than once. About 5-10 pounds of happy fat always found me at the beginning of a relationship. Way to go on not giving in to it!

    I, too, love a nice glass of wine here and there in the evenings. I have decided that I will NOT deprive myself of one or two glasses a week. I will enjoy them in my bubble bath with my good novel. I will!

    You crack me up. I love your writing style.

  7. I love this! K and I both gained about 40 lbs when we first got together; we declared it was 'happy weight'. Congrats on the new relationship; you're glowing through this post! :)

  8. I'm SO with you on the whole boredom eating thing. Ben & Jerrys doesn't get touched when I have things to do. But a night alone in front of the TV and nom nom nom!! hahaha

  9. Congrats on "more activity"!!! I read an article that "raucous activity" can burn quite a bit of calories. A sure fire way not to fall into the happy fat category, but the "happy activity" category.