Friday, February 24, 2012


I had a good week this week. For the first time in a long time I stuck to my diet. Since I'm primarily counting calories using the Lose It! app on my Nook I plug in every thing I consume all day long. This is a challenge when I'm cooking at home when I have to look up calories in everything- but who wants to consume prepackaged food all the time? Not me. So while I may have had a couple of red velvet cupcakes this week (I baked them for my bff's birthday) I never went over my caloric intake! I'll miss a morning and afternoon snack if it means a cupcake in the evening. 
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Why aren't all weeks like this? I've been incredibly stressed out the past couple of weeks with my family drama (being a parent to your parents is exhausting) and that makes it hard to find the will power to stick to my guns. When all my energy is focused on jobs and lack of jobs and attorney's and the possibility of taking in my younger sister it's been hard to find the energy to, well... basically to give a damn what I was eating (and that's not including my own personal issues, that's just dealing with my parents).

All of that has been resolved, for the most part, as of Wednesday, so I'm breathing so much easier now. And I have this new resolve in me and so much more energy to focus on myself. I don't want to be this way, but it's time for me to become selfish and focus on myself. I know that's not a bad thing, but I have to leave everyone else's issues alone and just handle me. Right now, for my sake, I can't take on more than me and my husband. 

It took a while for me to realize that mental energy is what kept me on track on my diet. When I'm just mentally exhausted so is my resolve. It goes hand in hand for me. Which, I guess, isn't really enlightening. I'm sure most people know that, and I knew it in theory but the past few weeks is what made me realize it in reality. 

Fingers are crossed that the next week is smooth sailing for me. With a trip to my grandmother's planned for the morning and goyza and rice a certainity for lunch, tomorrow is definitely going to be my cheat day. And no, I will not pass up my grandmother's home made goyza. 
Goyza. It's not a potsticker. It IS delicious.


  1. Way to go! It's so easy to give in and just eat whatever, especially when you're stressed out or dealing with issues. I'm glad you did well this week! Here's to another week of success!

  2. I am so proud of you, sweetie. Everyone seems to be coming out of their slumps. hope I do that soon, myself! You're so strong and you can do this!

    *monster hugs*

  3. Congrats on a successful week! And doing it while facing stress as well...bonus points!

  4. You won the Liebster Award!!!!! Check out my blog!!!!

  5. Well done on the week of success!