Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just Under The Wire

I totally almost forgot about this.

Where I Left Off:

July - I've just been diagnosed with pnuemonia.

I was off work for a week and once I actually took the time to rest and was on an antibiotic, the pneumonia cleared up relatively quickly. It's amazing what an antibiotic can do.

Once my pneumonia was cleared up I noticed that I was still having stomach issues. I went back to my doctor who ordered more tests. We are now into August and I can't get a stomach ultrasound until OCTOBER. But in the interim, the doctor puts me on medication for my stomach.

I continue with the life changes: no aspartame, no fast food and no facebook games.

I also make an appointment with a nutritionist. She's not a normal nutritionist. She's a holistic nutritionist and she deals with the whole body.

There is a giant questionnaire to fill out. I had originally picked up the questionnaire in March of 2010 and paid a $50.00 deposit but never followed through on it because I just wasn't ready.

Then, I called her in August and she informed me that she wasn't taking any more patients. I told her that I already had the questionnaire and had paid the $50.00 and had my receipt  so she said I could come in. I was so happy because this woman quite literally has saved my life.

My appointment with her was mid-September.

The appointment was quite traumatic.  She was putting me on a very strict diet to help me with all the problems that I was having: No sugar. No wheat. No dairy. No potatoes. No processed/cured meats. No pork. No cantaloupe. No melons. No strawberries. No nuts unless they were raw. No beans. No lentils. No chick peas. No aspartame. No splenda. No peanuts. No fried foods. No coffee. No tea.

No fucking fun.


  1. Sudden and strict diet changes can be very overwhelming. Sugar would be the most difficult thing for me to reduce. I have switched to sugar in the raw, and am calling that enough.

  2. What in the hell could you eat? I hope you're doing well on it, that's way more than I would ever do. I feel like living is supposed to be fun and food is fun. Being that restrictive isn't for me. I commend you on sticking with it for this long- and if you made it past the first couple of months I figure you can make it stick.

  3. Good. Lord.

    I'm with JJ, what exactly are you supposed to eat? That's such a restrictive diet that it scares me. And here I thought I had it tough just giving up soda. That, apparently, is nothing. I'd love to know more about this diet and what you're actually allowed to eat. Hummus?

  4. I'm trying to figure out what they will let you eat. This would be too hard for me to do. I'm sitting here with a Pepsi beside me right now and I had a steak for dinner last night, with fries. And to give up fruit? I guess the question is, Is this helping? If the benefits outweigh the sacrifice then it's worth it.

  5. Yeah...I don't get that either. I mean, some of those things are obviously not the best things to consume, i.e. sugar, aspartame, processed meats, but I don't understand the fruits and vegetables. I wouldn't do well with that at all. Good luck, girl. We'll be behind you!

  6. Oh wow. You must have the resolve of a... a... something with a FUCKTON of resolve to stick to all that. I couldn't do it.

  7. don't have a lot of food left to eat, do you?! I feel for you. But I guess, hopefully, it will pay off. Right? Soldier on!

    GM x