Wednesday, April 11, 2012

An Interesting Proposal

I don't have a whole lot to say but I thought I'd link you to this this interesting article on The Frisky that I found via Her Five Dollar Radio. It outlines one woman's reasoning for ditching her scale.

Girl Talk: Why I Ditched My Scale

It's an idea I've been toying with... Ignoring the numbers and simply trying to pay more attention to how my clothes fit and how my body is feeling.



  1. Very tempting... thinking about it now...

  2. I prefer to avoid my scale as well, though I don't do it entirely. I mostly prefer to go by what i see in the mirror and how my clothes feel on me.

    I always weigh myself in the morning, after I use the bathroom, before I eat anything, and while I am still naked. If I miss that timeslot, I don't weigh myself that day. I try to minimize the variables to keep the number as consistent as possible. I often go a week or so between weighing myself.

    I also keep mental track of the numbers, sort of a running average weight. As long as my "highest" number doesn't cross whatever arbitrary limit I have chosen, my average remains fairly consistent, and my clothes fit, I don't stress.

  3. Besides the time I weight myself and found out I lost 10 pounds, I don't weigh myself at all. The feeling is more important than anything else for me. The numbers just solidify what you already know/feel.

  4. I think for many people it's better to not step on a scale. Those numbers can move so slowly sometimes that it's discouraging.