Friday, April 13, 2012

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I'm sorry for my absence last week. I was so naive I really thought I'd have the time during my vacation to write in a post. My cell phone died on Monday and I didn't bother to charge it until I was back home on Sunday. That's how disconnected from everything I was. 

So the past 2 weeks have been fairly good. I actually lost a couple of pounds. This I blame on not being able to keep anything down last week and having no appetite at all this week. 

On my vacation wandering around Salem, Boston, and NYC I realized something about myself. This is something I've always known abstractly, but the point was really driven home last week. 

I am seriously out of shape. I mean, I'm pretty spherical anyways (and no, I'm not close to showing yet). But walking around was a situation for me. Boston was a trial and then by the time I got to NYC a couple of days later my legs still hadn't recovered and I was hobbling around the city like an old lady searching for her hoveround. 

Guys- that's not normal. I know finding various locations to vomit in didn't help matters, but even without that I have got to get my ass into gear and get healthy. All the healthy eating in the world isn't going to make my legs any less tired. I need to make it a priority to walk more. Not only that, but it's a good gentle thing to do for my nugget. 

So even though this goes against everything in my lazy nature, I am going to start a walking program. That sounds official. Really I'll just be wandering around my neighborhood. 


  1. That's great! I have always believed that a diet alone isn't going to get you anywhere. But diet along with win!

  2. Hope the vomiting stops, it does stop right? My colleague gave me a book once called "run fat bitch run", it had pretty good tips in it and was very funny. She said to find a route you like and then try to go out and walk it every day until you can walk it without feeling out of breath...and then run it, but we won't go crazy now!

    1. Lol, I just may have to check that out!

    2. Good luck, JJ! Seriously, even a LITTLE bit has helped my sister and I. We don't even do anything crazy, sometimes just 30 minutes of treadmill walking a day, but it has made a difference. And I agree with Poke--hope the vomiting stops SOON. :)

  3. sounds like a good plan...I started a walking fitness regime a few years back and now I can run around 6 miles...

  4. Walking is the best way to get leaner at a healthy pace and it makes you feel SO much better! My mom and I were walking every day for over two months. Then we had a few things here and that and had to miss some days, and now it's more sporadic. We decided we're going to start back on it seriously this week. We both feel so much better when we walk 30 minutes every day. I sleep better, eat better, feel better. It's a fantastic way to exercise! Especially for little bambooskas ;)