Friday, March 30, 2012

Mmm Pineapple

I had a great week. My puking was gone, a distant memory from last week. I'm sure it'll be back-it's still so early. This means I was able to eat normally- even though I am much pickier than I've ever been in my life. I'm not skipping meals like I used to. Lunch for me was always, maybe I'll eat but probably not. 

Believe me, if you're around me, you want me to eat. I get super bitchy when denied food now and I'm not used to this at all. If you read my other blog, you'll also know that sometimes I cry when I can't have the food that I want. Something wonderful happened too, I seem to get slightly queasy when I think about eating sweets. 

Guys, my blueberry (he's a blueberry this week) isn't a fan of the sweets apparently. At least not right now. For that, I am thankful. What I do want, by the truckload, is fruit. I went through an entire fresh pineapple in a day. I destroyed a fruit tray someone brought into work. I have plans to go to the grocery store tonight with the intention of just getting fruit for my car riding food tomorrow. 

That's another thing- I'm going on vacation- leaving in the morning. We're driving from jolly NC to Binghamton, NY tomorrow from there we'll be going to Albany, NYC, Boston, Providence, and Salem. All in a week. Driving everywhere. So yeah, I'm going to need car snacks. Usually this means I stock up on chips, sodas, and honey buns. So now I'm going to be loading up on bananas, apples, a pineapple my darling hubby gets to carve up for me, and water- lots of water. And not gonna lie, a little caffeine free diet coke- I can't go cold turkey on my diet coke man. Sounds like we're going to be making a LOT of stops for me to pee. 

Wish me luck on my adventures next week. I'll be wandering around lovely cities and I'll be constantly exposed to temptations on the food front. I do have plans for pizza from Big Nick's Burger and Pizza Too next Thursday. We'll be getting that- most definitely- I haven't had it since our honeymoon (over 3 years ago) and it was the best pizza I've ever had. Besides, I figure I'll be walking off a lot of calories. 


  1. Have a wonderful trip! I always pick up grapes and baby carrots for travel food... easy to eat and not messy.

  2. Good luck next week...hope you have a great time

  3. You eat that pizza and you enjoy it! It's great you're craving healthy stuff. And kudos for the water - we don't drink enough water (people in general, I mean).

    Have a fantastic trip!

  4. I eat pineapple for lunch M-F. LOVE! I just get the canned chunks in water, not syrup. So delish!

    I know you're going to have an amazing time on vacation. I so wish I could go with you. Have that pizza! You're a mommy in the making AND on vacation. I think it's a rule to have good food.

    Crazy stupid love to you! Mwah!