Friday, March 9, 2012

Work is detrimental to your health.

Pic from here.

I didn't even realize today was Friday and therefore my day to post. I do apologize if this seems half-assed. It's been a crazy week and work is taking up all my brain power. 

You all know what makes for a bad food week? 11 hr work days. When you go in at 8:00 a.m. (sometimes 7:30) and you don't leave until 7:00 p.m. You guys let me know how much you feel like cooking then. We, at Huge Financial Institution That Did Not Require A Bailout, have a merger going on. That means training the lucky ones in Minnesota that didn't get let go over the phone/computer (not that they were notified that way, that that's how we're training them), fixing computer glitches, and crying over our keyboards as we watch thousands and thousands of accounts enter our system. 

So what I'm saying here is that I have been a bad girl this week. Chicken and pastry, cream cheese chicken, chicken tenders with chips (potatos thinly sliced and deep fried) and all of that drenched in ranch, and then beef & broccoli. Those were my dinners. The only thing keeping me from whipping myself with my husbands belt is that I haven't had time to eat lunch. So dinner is the only calories I've been consuming. During the day I'm diet Mt. Dew and water, water, water, so much water. 

My mother-in-law made me a cake Monday in honor of my birthday (which is tomorrow) and I've done really really well at avoiding it. I haven't had a piece since Monday night in fact. Tomorrow I was going to bake a cake for myself, but then my bff told me to calm it down, that it was my birthday and that perhaps someone else had plans to make a cake for me. So... there's going to be more cake. That cow cake up there, that's a fitting cake for me this year.

I'm sorry guys. I just failed this week. 

On a happier note, as it is my birthday eve, I am seriously contemplating playing hooky at 3:00 today. I think I deserve a couple of hours off in honor of myself. 

My mother found a picture of me as a teenager at Daytona with one of my friends. She gave it to me yesterday. I was rocking a lime green bikini with white daisies on it. I was skinny. I was so cute. I think that's going to be my motivation picture. Clearly, I'll more than likely never be that small again, but damnit, anything is better than what I have going on now. 


  1. Everyone deserves to have a few cheat days, especially on your birthday!!! Rock out your birthday and then you will get back on your healthy plan. One tip that worked for me- I posted skinny pictures of myself on my fridge, my bathroom mirror, everywhere that I looked at frequently. It was excellent motivation and it really worked!!! So post that lime green bikini picture with pride!!!

  2. Your birthday is one of those days that seem like cheat days to me. I mean, come on, like you're NOT gonna have cake? That's ridiculous!!!

    You'll be fine next week and will work hard to work off that cake. I know you. You're a fighter and you deserve this splurge.

    If I don't talk to you tomorrow, HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY!!! Mwah!!!

  3. Sticking to a diet is harder than one would think. I just started doing P90X this week and started good, eating healthier than what I normally would. But later in the week I noticed I was drifting back to my gluttonous ways.

    Long work hours make things even harder. I sure as hell wouldn't want to cook after such a long day. I have enough trouble after a regular 8 hr day. But slip-ups happen!

    It's your birthday after all...why not enjoy it? Happy birthday to you!

  4. Have an awesome birthday! Take time for yourself and enjoy tonight, you deserve it.

    But if at all possible, try to take simple snacky things to work - fruit, healthy crackers, yogurt, fiber bars - whatever. Because the more you restrict your eating to one meal, the more your metabolism slows down. You NEED to eat during the day. I have found the more I eat regularly through the day, the more food I can eat and still lose weight.

    Tomorrow is a new day, and next week is a new week, and you get to start all over again. :)

  5. Great picture of ground beef you have up there.
    By the way, Happy Birthday Eve!


    You deserve cake and so much more. Eat your goodies without guilt. Besides, I hogged down some glorious cheetos last night. And some truffles. It's what Jim would've wanted afterall. <3

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! Sorry I missed the day. My life is a never-ending line of exams, papers and books. Ugh.

    Birthdays are kind of like freebies in the d*** department. You get a free pass on birthdays. That includes every day until the cake is gone. In my professional (haha) opinion.