Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Night-time snacking or "I really need a hobby"

Oh my dear, it's been 40 posts already? Coincidentally, today also marks my dearest and onliest sister's fortieth birthday, so all in all it's a day of milestones.

I must confess, I've not been doing well. To make an obscure cultural reference that may or may not have come from South Park, "I Rack Disciprine!"

It's terrible. Not tracking, not really exercising. I still go to kickboxing on the regular, but the dance nights and the walks have definitely waned.

And I'm snacking at night again, which is a problem. I dunno, I guess I'm bored. I'm generally pretty good during the day at work, and I'm pretty good when people are around, but by myself with nothing to do it's all graze, graze, graze. It's not even like I don't have anything to do... I could blog, play my guitar... Hell, I could paint. I have at least three paintings started that i haven't touched in ages. These are all things that keep my hands busy, but I find at night I'm too tired to get up the motivation to do these things, but still too wound up after getting the girls to bed to just go the hell to bed and thus avoid the snack-trap.

I'm not even snacking for pleasure or because i'm still hungry after dinner. More just for something to do. Bugger. I've made a wee bit of progress that I don't want to lose but dammit, I need some motivation back. Summer is coming and I'd like to be back in all my summery clothes. The Warrior Dash is a scant four months away and I need to train and be in at least half-decent shape for that.

I need to kick my own ass is what I need. I've been kicking my ass at work to get more done, I've been kicking my ass at home to keep my house clean (this is day four of it being tidy!) now I need to kick my ass to keep motivated with my food tracking and workouts.

Any suggestions?


  1. I've been kicking my ass to get more work done too, but I seem to just curl up on the couch and nap. I'm exhausted all the freaking time.

    There's going to be hard times during the dieting process. There's going to be weeks where it's just "the hell with this" and grabbing the bag of chips. But you have the Warrior Dash to look forward to and I'm sure you'll get out of this funk soon enough and into fighting shape.

    Good luck! I know you can do it!

  2. Perhaps just stock up on healthy snacks so when you feel the need to snack, you're decimating a bag of baby carrots instead of chips. When I have to binge on carrots, it somehow makes it easier to not binge!

  3. It's hard to kick our own asses isn't it? I suppose swimsuit season is a good motivator, though I haven't been in a swimsuit in about 6 years. That's so sad!

    Look, I may not be the best at motivating myself, but dammit I want to motivate you. You can do this. You're strong, beautiful, crazy talented and willful. Just channel that energy into your weight loss and getting healthy goals. I KNOW you can do this. *monster hugs*

    1. You know what I'm excited about? For the first summer every having a reason to have a big belly- and maybe even showing it off!

  4. When I feel like grazing, but I know I'm just bored and not really hungry, I chew on some sugarless gum. It satisfies my need to graze and gets me over the hump. Good luck on The Warrior Dash. That's awesome!!

  5. I do really well throughout the day, but it's the nighttime snacking which does me in. The way I get around it is to tell myself that I DON'T need those cookies or that bag of popcorn to live. I don't try to rationalize it, either, by saying, "Well, it's low fat so it's okay." I tell myself that dinner is over (I also don't have desserts). What helps is the knowledge that I DON'T need it. Unfortunately, I also realize that this way of looking at things will be with me the rest of my life. The fact that this is a lifetime behavior also helps if I occasionally backslide, too (I know that doesn't make much sense, but it works for me).

  6. I'm the same way...I am so hard on myself about every other aspect of my life: school, work, marriage, mothering, housekeeping, but when it comes to food I just lose all control. WHY?! We have to find the clue to transferring our power over to the food side.

    Hope you figure it out, and then share it with us!